Course curriculum

    1. Course introduction

    2. Understanding the needs of large enterprises and teams

    1. Assessment & Planning: The key to success

    2. Complicated and Slow Workflows: Assessing, Simplifying, and Improving

    3. DevOps Practices for Data Center Users

    4. Rollback and Tracking for Data Center Users

    5. Rollback and Tracking for Cloud Users

    6. Utilizing Custom Fields in Jira Cloud

    7. Utilizing Custom Fields in Data Center

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Setting Up Governance Policies

    3. Project Creation, Access and Permissions and Workflow Management

    4. Understanding Custom Fields in JIRA

    5. Monitoring and compliance considerations

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Performance Tuning & Monitoring in Jira Cloud

    3. Planning for Growth in Data Center

    4. Backup Strategies and Testing Environment in Data Center

    5. Setting up a Staging Environment in Jira Cloud

    6. Setting up a Staging Environment in Data Center

    7. Moving changes from Staging to a Production environment

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Evaluating Plugins and Tools

    3. Ensuring compatibility in Data Center

    4. Creating a Controlled Environment in Jira Cloud

    5. Creating a Controlled Environment in Data Center

    1. Chapter Introduction

    2. Advancing Beyond out-of-the-box configurations

    3. Streamlining and optimising workflows and Screens for different departments

    4. Managing custom fields and screens

    5. Workflows, Screens and Fields Templates

About this course

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  • 38 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

What You Will Gain From Completing This Course

  • Comprehensive Jira Oversight

    Grasp the nuances of Jira management for large enterprises, from assessment to continuous improvement.

  • Expert Governance & Scalability Tactics

    Implement best practices for roles, responsibilities, and scalability to ensure Jira's efficient performance.

  • Holistic Integration & Security Protocols

    Dive deep into Jira extensions, ensuring compatibility, while fortifying security and access measures.


Michael Kittay-Jurdyga

Jira, JSM & Confluence Maestro

I work with Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, CEOs, or Managers to eliminate frustrations by showing you how to see through the complexities of Jira and gain clarity on specific issues. My methods allow you to optimize your processes and save time from your project timelines!

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